Barbed Wire

Barbed wire, also known as barb wire, is a type of fencing wire constructed with sharp edges or points arranged at intervals along the strand. It is used to construct inexpensive fences and is used atop walls surrounding secured property. Barbed wire is also a major feature of the fortifications in trench warfare (as a wire obstacle).

A person or animal trying to pass through or over barbed wire will suffer discomfort and possibly injury. It is simple to construct and quick to erect, even by an unskilled person. Barbed wire can be divided into two types by install method: beeline barbed wire and concertina barbed wire.

Materials: hot dipped galvanized wire, hot-dipped soft steel wire, electro galvanized wire and electro-galvanized soft steel wire.

Assortments Available:
* Single twisted barbed wire
* Double twisted barbed wire
* Traditional twisted barbed wire

Packing: barbed wire is packed in coil, then pallet or at request.

1. Barbed wire offers a great protection against corrosion and oxidation caused by the atmosphere. Its high resistance allows greater spacing between the fencing posts.
2. Barbed wires have great versatility, as they allow to be installed over wire fences for small farms and sites.
3. Barbed wire is a product recommended for the construction of strong and lasting fencings. It is extremely adapted to control heavy and wild animals.
4. High security.
5. Durability and easy to install.

Barbed wire can be widely used as accessories for woven wires fences to form a fencing system or security system. It is called barbed wire fences or barbed obstacles when it is used simply by itself along the wall or the building to give a kind of protection.

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire

Barbed Wire


Barbed Wire Specification


Wire Gauge (SWG)

Barb Distance (cm)

Barb Length (cm)

Electro Galvanized Barbed Wire; Hot-dip zinc plating barbed wire

10# x 12#



12# x 12#

12# x 14#

14# x 14#

14# x 16#

16# x 16#

16# x 18#

PVC coated barbed wire; PE barbed wire

before coating

after coating